Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Busana Muslim Fashion Show at Berlin

Demonstration dye busana muslim and striated Indonesian Cultural Night event themed "Java Enhanced Islands: A Dynamic Journey from Past to Present" held in cooperation with the Embassy Berlin Berlin city government in building Rote Rathaus, Berlin, Germany. 

Promotional activities carried out in a series of Asia Pacific Week was held in conjunction with the German pewakilan of Indonesia Consulate General Consulate General Hamburg and Frankfurt, said Agus Priono, Counselor to the correspondent of the Berlin Embassy Between London, Monday.

He said as a citizen kepeduliaan with West Sumatra was hit by the quake made moment of silent and open donations for earthquake victims.

Foundation is active in the social field "Kinderkunst" supported the event by selling a book titled "Tsunami" which proceeds donated to victims of West Sumatra Earthquake.

According to Agus Priono, Indonesian Cultural Night was attended by about 350 German citizens crowded into the theater committee denied the request even many people who want to witness the cultural evening due to limited seating capacity.

"We also put the screen outside the performance space to fulfill that desire," said Agus Priono.

Indonesian cultural night menyanjikan both local cultural richness of traditional or modern the invitation was brought into the atmosphere due Javanese dish first with the Peacock Dance, Dance Rampak Kendang, Puspito Dance, Dance Jaran Dawuk row and then move through the presentation of modern Java Ethnic Music, Fashion Show Batik Lurik, and singing keroncong.

Busana muslim fashion Show and Cuckoo by pragawati German pragawan Indonesian designer who lives in Germany, Lina Berlina Reichel gave the color of the cultural night because Batik Lurik not only used by people deserve Indonesia but also citizens of other countries, especially Germany. 

Charge d'Affaires Ad Interim Embassy Berlin, Diah representing Rubianto WM Eddy Pratomo Ambassador Indonesian Night can expect closer? People to people? and mutual societies and perngertian the expected increase of tourists visit Germany to Indonesia.